Residential Solar Rebate for Net Metering

TMLP & DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program Qualifications & Details

The Solar Rebate Program offers financial incentives to our residential customers intending to install a photovoltaic (solar) array on the property they own.

The rebate incentive for a submitted project will be: $.60 per watt installed, up to a maximum rebate level of $4,500 from the TMLP and $.60 per watt installed, up to a maximum rebate level of $4,500 from the DOER totaling a maximum rebate of $9,000. Rebates will equal no more than ½ the installed cost of any system.

If applying for the battery storage rebate of $300 for units of 5KW+, please see the requirements listed in the Battery Backup bullet below. Battery storage rebate is for units approved and installed after June 9, 2021.


In order for a customer to be eligible for TMLP and DOER’s MLP Solar Rebate Program Incentive, the following conditions must exist:

  • Effective January 20, 2021 all applications will require a $250 application fee.

  • Customer must own the solar array (Leasing is not allowed).  Copy of customer-contractor executed agreement required prior to receiving approval to build.

  • Customer is an active residential or non-profit electric account with the TMLP for at least 6 months.

  • Customer active account must have a $0 balance.

  • Proposed photovoltaic arrays may be any size (pending TMLP approval). The rebate will be calculated at $ .60 per watt up to 7.5 KW (DC), or $4,500 maximum.

  • For systems under 7.5 KW (DC), TMLP will issue a supplemental rebate so the customer can receive the maximum TMLP rebate amount of $4,500.

    For example: A system that is 5 KW (DC) will receive ($.60 per watt from TMLP) + (the TMLP supplemental rebate) + ($.60 per watt from the DOER) = (total TMLP & DOER Rebate amount) or ($3,000 TMLP rebate) + ($1,500 TMLP supplemental rebate) + ($3,000 DOER rebate) = (equaling a grand total of $7,500).

  • Projects must be approved by TMLP & DOER prior to installation (approximately 8 week timeframe).

  • Projects must also be completed by licensed electricians and professional, licensed contractors

  • Customer must sign the TMLP net metering agreement and an interconnection agreement (documents available below)

  • Required 1-line diagram must be designed and state, “AC Disconnect will be no further than 4’ from utility meter”

  • BATTERY BACKUP: If customer intends to also install a battery backup system alongside their solar installation, they must also submit the Battery Backup Verification & Rebate Application (document available below). 1-line diagram must show battery backup, include battery product technical data sheet, and include copy of city/town wire inspector’s approval of referenced battery backup system.

  • Contractor must provide copy of customer invoice showing payment prior to receiving the Permission to Operate and rebate submission.

  • See Contractor Packet at for ENE/DOER required meter installation.

  • The customer must also comply with the DOER program to qualify for the DOER incentive.

The anticipated process will be as follows:

  1. Solar contractor/customer will provide the necessary TMLP applications, agreements and diagrams.  DOER require documents are located here:

  2. TMLP will first approve qualifications and interconnection criteria as it relates to TMLP requirements prior to participation in the program.

  3. Once TMLP approves the applications, TMLP will notify ENE/DOER* of the approval.

    *Per ENE/DOER, Solar contractor is required to enter all the DOER application and required paperwork into the solar portal via ENE.  If complete, it will then be submitted to the DOER for their approval.  If not, ENE will work with the solar contractor until properly completed.

  4. The DOER will review and give ENE/TMLP their approval.  An ‘Approval to Build’ solar array letter will be issued to the customer and solar contractor.  This will take approximately 8 weeks.

  5. Once the system has passed final inspection and the customer has received the ‘Permission to Operate’ letter from TMLP, ENE/DOER will be notified.  TMLP will process the TMLP rebate.  ENE/DOER will process the DOER rebate and mail directly to the customer.

    *Please note customer will receive 2 rebate checks (one from TMLP and a second from the ENE/DOER). Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing and payment of the TMLP rebate check.

  6. The revised TMLP Solar Rebate program will remain in effect for the duration of the DOER MLP program or funding has been exhausted.  After, this program will return to the prior TMLP Solar Residential Rebate program.

TMLP Required Forms & Information:

Net Metering & Solar Rebate FAQ

Solar Rebate Application Form

Net Metering Agreement

Net Metering Interconnection Agreement

Net Metering Interconnection Standards

Battery Backup Verification

1-line diagram must be designed and state, “AC Disconnect will be no further than 4′ from utility meter”

DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program Forms & Information:

Energy New England (ENE) will be our point of contact with the DOER. Please visit the below link for DOER requirements and forms.
Please submit completed TMLP & DOER forms to

Allow 8 weeks for the initial approval to build and another 8 weeks for customer to receive rebate checks after providing required rebate documentation.

Solar Rebate FAQs

A. The solar rebate is currently $ .60 per watt of the nameplate KW rating of the proposed system, up to 7.5 KW for a maximum rebate of $4,500. DOER is matching at $.60 per watt installed, up to a maximum rebate level of $4,500 totaling a maximum rebate of $9,000. Rebates will equal no more than 1/2 the installed cost of any system.

A. No, at this time we are only offering the DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program to residential customers.

A. You can apply for and install any size system. TMLP will analyze larger proposed residential solar installations under the initial project review to insure compatibility with TMLP system.

A. You can install any size system up to 60 KW. For larger systems of 61KW to 2000KW, maximum system size cannot exceed the customer's prior 12 months peak demand to qualify for net metering and also requires a Distribution System Impact Review. Anything greater than that and a Purchased Power Agreement (PPA) must be negotiated with the TMLP.

A. Only one rebate per customer is allowed under the solar rebate program. If you choose to add to an existing system, it must be reviewed and approved by TMLP.

A. No, only one (1) rebate per customer of record regardless of how many owned properties within the TMLP service territory.

A. No, a residential customer applying for a rebate and net metering must own the property and the solar system and have an active account at the location with TMLP with no arrears. Any power generated from a third party would have to be purchased by TMLP and would constitute a purchased power agreement. The same applies for a commercial customer.

A. Again, most of these companies that "don’t do business" with TMLP want to lease you the system to lower your bill, and they take the net metering revenue. That translates into them being a generator to TMLP and that is prohibited by law unless defined by a specific purchased power agreement with TMLP.

A. No, energy generated from a solar system must be applied to the meter of the account holder of record. Applying the energy usage to another account or property is not permitted as that is considered retail wheeling and not allowed in TMLP service territory.

A. If the electricity generated by the Customer exceeds consumption and is distributed back to TMLP during the billing period, then the Customer shall be billed for the same monthly service charge as applied to other customers of the TMLP in the same rate class; not be charged any kilowatt-hours taken from TMLP and shall be credited for the net excess kilowatt-hours generated as applied to the generation and Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) charges during the billing period; with this kilowatt-hour credit appearing on Customer’s bill for the following billing period.

(Consumption from TMLP) - (Excess Generation put onto the TMLP Grid) - (PCA Cost) + (TMLP Monthly Service Charge) = Your Invoice Amount

A. Yes, this the new requirement for participating in the TMLP & DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program. TMLP must claim and retire the Renewable Energy Certificates.

Details of the program are located at

A. After final review and inspection by TMLP, you should receive your TMLP rebate check within 6 to 8 weeks. Energy New England will be issuing the DOER portion of the rebate.

*Please note customer will receive 2 rebate checks (1 check from TMLP but the other check from ENE on behalf of the DOER) depending on how long it takes to receive the DOER money. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing and payment.

A. No. The rebate check must be payable to the TMLP customer of record where the system was installed.

A. No, TMLP does not install the system nor recommend contractors to do the installation as we are a municipal entity and prohibited by law from doing so. TMLP provides the net meter at the end of a project and inspects the completed system.

A. If a residential or commercial customer sell their house or commercial property with an active solar / net metering system, the new owner would need to sign TMLP's "Net Metering Interconnection Agreement" in order for the new owner to actively generate electricity and participate in the TMLP Net Metering program.