Residential Solar Net Metering

This service is for residential customers who purchase a home with an existing solar array and wish to participate in our net metering program. Please submit the signed Net Metering Interconnection Agreement when you open your electric account.

Or are you adding to an existing array or adding battery back-up?

  • Projects must be approved by TMLP prior to installation (approximately 4 week timeframe).
  • Projects must also be completed by licensed electricians and professional, licensed contractors.
  • Customer must sign the TMLP net metering agreement and an interconnection agreement (documents available below)
  • Required 1-line diagram must be designed and state, “AC Disconnect will be no further than 4′ from utility meter.” *Please note the DOER MLP program has ended on June 30, 2021 and their Locust Meter is not a TMLP requirement and not needed for solar installations in the TMLP service area.
  • BATTERY BACKUP: If customer intends to also install a battery backup system alongside their solar installation, they must also submit the Battery Backup Verification & Rebate Application (document available below). 1-line diagram must show battery backup, include battery product technical data sheet, and include copy of city/town wire inspector’s approval of referenced battery backup system.
  • If applying for the battery storage rebate of $300 for units’ 5KW+, please see requirements listed in Battery Backup bullet above. Battery storage rebate is for units approved and installed after June 9, 2021.

Please submit the following documents to

Net Metering & Solar Rebate FAQ

Net Metering Agreement

Interconnection Net Metering Agreement

Net Metering Interconnection Standards

Battery Backup Verification