Residential Solar Net Metering

**TMLP circuits are filling up and some are closed for solar additions. Please note interconnection applications for solar may be denied if the circuit is full. Thank you for understanding.**

This service is for residential customers who purchase a home with an existing solar array and wish to participate in our net metering program. Please submit the signed Interconnection & Net Metering Agreement when you open your electric account.

Or are you adding to an existing array or adding battery back-up?

  • Projects must be approved by TMLP prior to installation (approximately 4 week timeframe).
  • Projects must also be completed by licensed electricians and professional, licensed contractors.
  • Customer must sign the TMLP net metering agreement and an interconnection agreement (documents available below)
  • Required 1-line diagram must be designed and state, “AC Disconnect will be no further than 4′ from and within sight of the utility meter.” *Please note the DOER MLP program has ended on June 30, 2021 and their Locust Meter is not a TMLP requirement and not needed for solar installations in the TMLP service area.
  • BATTERY BACKUP: If customer intends to also install a battery backup system alongside their solar installation, they must also submit the Battery Backup Verification & Rebate Application (document available below). 1-line diagram must show battery backup, include battery product technical data sheet, and include copy of city/town wire inspector’s approval of referenced battery backup system.
  • If applying for the battery storage rebate of $300 for units’ 5KW+, please see requirements listed in Battery Backup bullet above. Battery storage rebate is for units approved and installed after June 9, 2021.

Please submit the following documents to

Net Metering & Solar Rebate FAQ

Net Metering & Compliance Application

Interconnection & Net Metering Agreement

Net Metering Interconnection Standards

Battery Backup Form & Verification

Net Metering Terms and Conditions 2024