Residential EV Program

Introducing TMLP’s newest rebate program! In line with TMLP’s mission of helping customers conserve energy while being mindful of the environment, we created this program to support those in our community who purchase electric vehicles. With the potential increase in electric load which directly affects our rates to our customers, the rebates will encourage off-peak charging and the purchase of Level 2 fast chargers. Level 2 chargers allow a complete charge in approximately 1-4 hours versus the Level 1 Charger which can take up to 12 hours. In an effort to assist our customers who are looking to purchase or already have purchased an Electric Vehicle (EV) we would like to offer the following:

  • $450 customer rebate for the purchase of a new or used Electric Vehicle (BEV or PHEV). Rebates applicable only to purchases after March 5, 2019. Maximum 2 rebates per household.
  • $10 monthly credit per vehicle when participating in our off-peak charging program- maximum 2 EV vehicles per household.
  • $300 Level 2 Charger purchase and/or installation- maximum one Level 2 charger rebate per household.

Customers would need to meet the below qualification criteria to participate:

  • Customer has an active residential electric account with the TMLP for at least 6 months.
  • Customer’s account must have a $0 balance (no arrears) on any TMLP account.
  • Projects involving a Level 2 Charger installation must also be completed by licensed electricians and professional, licensed contractors.
  • Customer must sign a rebate specific agreement.
  • Customer must provide copy of EV purchase invoice showing payment prior to receiving the new or used car rebate.
  • Customer must provide copy of registration and TMLP invoice.
  • Rebate qualification pending engineering approval.
  • EV Car and Level 2 Charger must be purchased between January 1 and December 31 in calendar year of initiative. Applications received after January 31 of next calendar year will not be honored for prior year so please send in your application in a timely fashion.
  • See all qualifications at

Rebates are in the form of a credit issued to the customer’s active TMLP account and will last until the funding has ended. Please allow up to 8 weeks for processing.

For program information, details and qualifications, please visit:

We’ve partnered with Energy New England (ENE) our EV expert advisors! Need to talk to an EV advisor? Call 833-443-8363 or email

Visit our TMLP Drives Electric Facebook page @TMLPEV.

To Download Applications please click on the appropriate rebate application link below:

$450 EV Purchase Rebate Application

$300 EV Level 2 Charger Rebate Application

90 Cents a Gallon Club Off-Peak Charging Application

$500 Electric Car Rebate Application for Auto Dealers

EV 2nd Drive Offer

Purchase a pre-owned EV at a bargain price thanks to a generous rebate! List price under $22,500, mileage under 50,000 and purchased after January 1, 2022. Program ends on December 31, 2023 or until funds are exhausted.

Rebates for qualifying customers with qualifying EVs:

$1,250 for used BEVs with DEED matching rebate of $1,250

$750 for used PHEVs with DEED matching rebate of $750


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