Commercial Energy Audit

Maintaining energy efficiency is of paramount importance for Commercial and Industrial customers in this world of tight budget constraints and skyrocketing costs. In partnership with Energy New England, a leader in energy resource evaluations, TMLP will schedule an initial “walk through” or Preliminary Facility Evaluation (PFE) audit to identify energy savings opportunities, free of charge.

If our Customer requests a more comprehensive “investment grade” engineering audit, TMLP may reimburse the customer for 50% or more of the audit cost, provided certain recommended measures have been implemented.

These Industrial energy conservation evaluations will be performed on-site and shall identify major energy uses, such as lighting, HVAC, and other electrical systems. A summary report outlining the potential energy (kWh) savings, economic savings, and payback on investment will be given to our customer.

Call Energy New England to schedule an audit at 1-888-772-4242.