Mailing Address Number

A. Your mailing address number is the numeric portion of the address your bill gets mailed to. Fractions (like 1/2) are not included.

Most often, this is your house number. However, if your bill is mailed to a Post Office Box, it will be your Post Office Box number.

Here are some examples:

  • If your bill is mailed to 123 Main Street, your mailing address number is 123
  • If your bill is mailed to 35B Center Street, your mailing address number is 35 (Numeric portion only!)
  • If your bill is mailed to 13 1/2 Walker Street, your mailing address number is 13 (Fractions are not included)
  • If your bill is mailed to Post Office Box 678, your mailing address number is 678


A. You can pay 'in-person' at the following locations:

  • TMLP Customer Care Center – 33 Weir Street, Taunton Mon –Fri 7:30am to 4:30pm or in the night deposit slot to the left of the front door. Driving directions are available online.
  • TMLP Administrative Main office – 55 Weir Street, Taunton in the night deposit slot to the left of the front door (Mon –Fri 7:30am to 4:30pm)
  • Trucchi's Supermarket Locations - 534 County Street / 53 Tremont Street, Taunton (normal business hours)

For remote payment convenience, customers can look up account information, review recent invoices, and make individual payments by check or credit card online at https://ipn2.paymentus.com/cp/tmlp.

For those who would prefer to use the automated phone service, you can also pay through our Automated Attendant 24 hours a day 7 days a week by dialing our customer service number 508-824-6976 and selecting option 2 from the menu.

Paperless Billing

A. Online bill presentment is a great way to minimize paper clutter and keep your records electronically. There is security in knowing that you can always retrieve your records at any time on our website.

To sign up, you must go to the bill pay site https://ipn2.paymentus.com/cp/tmlp

On the main "Accounts" page you will see a list of the TMLP accounts you have associated with your payment site login. There is a section button associated with each TMLP account number which says "Paperless?" and has a slider beneath it that shows either "Yes" or "No." Click on this slider to turn paperless billing on or off.


Starting Service

A. In order to get electricity, you must have an account with TMLP. If you have had service in the past, you can call and start service on the following business day.

If you have not had an account with us, you must fill out an application and return it with a government issued photo id.

New accounts and older accounts not in good standing will require a deposit. Please contact our customer service department at 508-824-6976 during regular business hours.

A. With all new customers applying for a new meter on a new home, garage, temporary meter, owner's meter, apartment meter, a customer must meet all service requirements for electric service. Such requirements include approval from each of the following: TMLP Customer Service, TMLP Engineering/ Line Department, and Wire Inspector.

First, a customer must submit a completed service application as well as remit a deposit (if required) in full prior to TMLP Customer Service approval. Additionally, for all new building structures, the TMLP requires a copy of the Building Permit. The only exception for the Building Permit submittal is for installation of Owners Meters and Service Upgrades.

Secondly, any particular service requirements stipulated by the TMLP must be completed prior to approval from the TMLP Engineering / Line Department.

Thirdly, it is the responsibility of the premise owner to notify the town's wire inspector once electrical work is completed. TMLP must be notified by the town's wire inspector prior to installing the meter at the premise. Once all requirements for electric service are met and approved, the typical meter installation period is two to five business days depending upon the existing service backlog.

A. As of November 1, 2008, a 'Security Deposit' shall be required for all new residential customer accounts as well as existing customer accounts with arrears and a desire to move from one location to another within the TMLP system territory. Such security deposits shall be paid in full prior to service being activate. The Security Deposit is $250.00 for "Non-Electric Heat" accounts and $400.00 for "Electric Heat" accounts.

A. A security deposit equaling the projected electrical usage of the highest three months during a one-year period is required. If there is more than one account to be opened, then the deposit shall equal the average of all accounts.

The deposit is maintained in an interest bearing account at a rate established by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for a period of five years. After the conclusion of those five years, TMLP will return the full amount if no bill payments are in arrears. There are five options for payment of this deposit, as detailed in the Service Deposit Form.

A. A summary of the residential security deposit is as follows:

Deposits will be collected in the form of cash, Mastercard, or Visa payments. Cash, Mastercard, and Visa payments are processed for the next business day service, subject to schedule availability.

Collection of security deposit value can be withdrawn if:

Recorded owner of properly is identical to the residential service account holder. Proof of ownership will be the responsibility of the customer requesting service.

This can be obtained from the Registry of Deeds or at closing, you can request a copy of Quit Claim Deed.

Existing customer with excellent payment history (no arrears).

Security Deposit will remain on the account for a period of time so long as the account is active. The security deposit will be returned with interest after account is closed and all arrears to TMLP are paid in full.

All customer accounts with a security deposit are reviewed after two years. If good payment history has been determined, customers with excellent payment history will be refunded their deposit with interest as determined by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.