Job Listings

No positions are currently available.

If you need special assistance or an accommodation for a disability in order to participate in any phase of the application process, please call our Human Resources department at 508-824-3183. Reasonable accommodation in that regard will be made.

Employment Application

If you want to be considered should any openings occur, please fill out the TMLP Employment Application and attach a résumé, and cover letter. As TMLP requires a written signature on all applications, you will need to print, sign and date the application.

Please forward completed employment packet to the General Manager’s Office, TMLP, P.O. Box 870, Taunton, MA. 02780 or leave them with the Receptionist. All applications must be complete and have a résumé attached. Incomplete packets will be cause for rejection.

Labor Service

The Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant hires in accordance with Civil Service rules and regulations.

We occasionally make provisional appointments when there are no available Civil Service list for the position. If you want to be considered should any openings occur, follow instructions above under Employment Application.

Additionally, all Labor Service positions require that you sign a Labor Service List at the Human Resources Department in Taunton City Hall offices at
15 Summer St, Taunton, MA 02780.

TMLP employs a variety of different positions. Examples include:

  • Clerical (Clerk Typists) (O) (*)
  • Accountants (O) (*)
  • Programmers (O)
  • Meter Readers (O) (*)
  • Electric Meter Repairmen (L)
  • Apprentice Electric Meter Repairman (L)
  • Second Class Steam Firemen (requires State license) (O) (*) (+)
  • Second Class Stationary Engineer (requires State license) (O) (*) (+)
  • Instrument Technicians (O)
  • Electric Station Operators (O) (+) (*)
  • Storekeepers (O)
  • Assistant Storekeepers (O) (*)
  • Building Custodians (O)
  • Linemen (requires CDL license) (L)
  • Apprentice Linemen (requires CDL license) (L)
  • Mechanical Engineers (requires degree) (O) (*)
  • Electrical Engineers (requires degree) (O) (*)
  • Civil Engineers (requires degree) (O)
  • Power Plant Equipment Repairmen (L)
  • Power Plant Equipment Maintenance Men (L)
  • Electric Station Equipment Repairmen (L)
  • Motor Equipment Repairmen (L)
  • Motor Equipment Maintenance Men (L) (*)
  • Construction Handyman/Laborer (L) (*)
  • Welder (L)
  • Millwright (L)
  • Notation Key:

* = More common entry-level positions
+ = Shift workers
O = Official Service
L = Labor Service

Employment Portal

Existing employees – click here for your Employment Portal.