Quite simply, a value proposition is a statement or promise to the prospective customer which clearly identifies the tangible benefits/value of doing business with your company vs. the competition. Some may argue that this concept is lost on the utility industry because it is a regulated monopoly with a set service territory. At TMLP, our strategic business plan is focused on the customer and all the elements that make their experience of doing business with our company one that they would choose if they had the choice. That’s what sets the TMLP apart from the competition.

One of TMLP’s key value propositions is the relationship we build with our customers. Hinged on trust and respect, our partnership with each of our customer classes is premised on what makes them successful and competitive: Flexible, competitive rates (which comes as a result of our diverse energy portfolio); 99.9% reliable electricity to keep their business operations running smoothly; an array of products and services to add value to their homes and businesses (hence, our Internet business unit); key account management and accessibility to staff in the organization that can help them with their business needs; a demonstrated commitment to reinvest in the communities we serve; environmental stewardship; and a belief that the synergy of our businesses will enable our children and grandchildren to enjoy greater choices in the future.