Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing Address Number

  1. I'm trying to make a payment on the online payment or phone-based payment system and it's asking for my "mailing address number." What's that?

    Your mailing address number is the numeric portion of the address your bill gets mailed to. Fractions (like 1/2) are not included.

    Most often, this is your house number. However, if your bill is mailed to a Post Office Box, it will be your Post Office Box number.

    Here are some examples:

    • If your bill is mailed to 123 Main Street, your mailing address number is 123
    • If your bill is mailed to 35B Center Street, your mailing address number is 35 (Numeric portion only!)
    • If your bill is mailed to 13 1/2 Walker Street, your mailing address number is 13 (Fractions are not included)
    • If your bill is mailed to Post Office Box 678, your mailing address number is 678


  1. Where can I pay my TMLP bill?

Paperless Billing

  1. How do I switch to paperless billing?


  1. How do I read my meter?
  2. How often is my meter read?
  3. When is my bill due?

Starting Service

  1. How do I get electricity on an existing meter (on a premise that has a meter on it)?
  2. How do I get a new meter installed (on a premise that has NO meter or needs a new one)?
  3. What is the deposit procedure for residential customers?

Solar Rebates

  1. How do I apply for a Solar Rebate?
  2. How much is the Solar Rebate?
  3. Can I only apply for a system that is 3.0KW or less to get a rebate?
  4. Can I install additional solar systems on my property and receive a rebate?
  5. Can I lease a system from a third party and install it on my property?
  6. Some solar companies state that they don’t do business in TMLP territory. Why is that?
  7. Can I use the energy from my solar system on another account? Another property?
  8. How does it work if I generate more energy then I take in from TMLP?
  9. Does the TMLP claim any SREC's etc. associated with a solar project?
  10. How long does it take to receive my rebate check after project completion?
  11. Can I assign the rebate check to be payable to a third party such as solar contractor?
  12. I'm a commercial customer. Is there a maximum size system size that I can install on my property?
  13. Does the TMLP do the installation or recommend contractors that would sell / install the system?
  14. What if I sell my house or business and I have a solar / net metering system?